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One week into Canada

sunny -20 °C

Camp sites and mountain walks don't seem to be the natural habitat of internet cafe's, so this is the first update in a while. Anyway, we had a smooth transfer from NZ to Seattle, and the hostel we booked there turned out to be great so we've booked it up for our final week too.

Trek America seems like a good company, our guide is really helpful and he's taken us to lots of great places to hike. However, sleeping in a tent is still the most uncomfortable thing known to woman.






Becky and Jens squeeze a nap in on the bus. There's been a lot of this going on.

Some cool natural bridge thingy.

Also went to Lake Louise yesterday and did an 11km hike. We're in Banff at the moment, should be horse riding tomorrow. Today we're just having a stroll round the shops and then going to some hot springs (third time in a week!) To recover from the week's hikes.

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Goodbye Thailand, Hello New Zealand

semi-overcast 8 °C

It's a week since we left Thailand already, and it's been pretty non-stop here in NZ. We spent the first day here wandering around Christchurch and planning what we were going to do for the next ten days. The tourist information places over here, called i-sites, are really helpful. We took away some leaflets for perusal over a chai-tea (me) and a moccha-lata-something or other (Matt) at Starbucks, then went back to i-site to book up some travel and accommodation. We've now joined the YHA as it only cost $40 and we made that straight back in membership savings. We spent the rest of the first day trying to find a supermarket and hunting down snuggly warm jackets - we were feeling cold in our fleeces and knew it would be colder as we headed further south.

The next day (Wednesday) we made our way over to Greymouth on the West coast via the Tranzalpine Train, which goes through the national park of Arthur's Pass. From Greymouth we caught the Intercity coach to Franz Josef, where we had two nights booked - one for when we arrived from Christchurch and one for recovery for the glacier trek we had booked for thursday. Yup, glacier trek! We went for the all-day option, which tired me out seeing as I had no exercise whatsoever in Thailand but was totally worth it. The half-day option really wouldn't have got you very far as we just followed a path already carved out of the glacier until after dinner, when we started adventuring out a bit more. Funny as it may sound, trekking along that glacier was the warmest I'd been since arriving in NZ. At least until I accidentally stepped onto what appeared to be ice and got thigh-deep in ice-cold water. Still, we were kitted out in water proof trousers and by this time we were on our way back to the bottom of the glacier so it was bearable.



Friday we got the Intercity down to Queenstown. The views were amazing and we got several photostops. It was a beautiful sunny day and you could see exactly why Peter Jackson decided NZ was the place to film Lord of The Rings


Saturday we took a day trip to Milford Sound. It was five hours there, 2hours on cruise at the sound, then five hours back. Milford Sound seems to be a popular tourist destination and we wanted to go as far south as we could so it seemed a good idea when we booked it, but to be honest it was a bit of a let-down. We went with a small cheap company which had no heating on the bus, the windows were misty nearly all the way so you couldn't see the views either, and the actual Sound was pretty, but not as breathtaking as the previous day's views down the West coast. Nevermind, lesson learnt!



I'll leave the scenic shots to Matt.

That brings us up to today, which we're spending chilling out in Queenstown, with a trip to the cinema later and hopefully a bit of indoor rock climbing if we can find one that's open on a Sunday.

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Photo Nightmare

Three Weeks In!

sunny 37 °C

The time has flown and we've done far too much to write about! So I was hoping to finally get some photos up here instead, but the camera and the computers of Thailand are conspiring against me. First I forgot the lead to connect the camera to the computer; then the camera battery went flat just as I clicked the button to upload them, but not before i'd spent 20minutes choosing which to upload; the last computer I was on had no visible USB port; and now I've plugged the camera in but the computers at this internet cafe are refusing to recognise it. AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHH!!! This is our last trip into town too before we move to the island of Koh Samet, which should have an internet cafe but i'm not expecting it to be of a decent speed. Hopefully Things will pick up in New Zealand!

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Quick stop in Singburi

semi-overcast 32 °C

Not got long enough to write much as we've got to head back to the truck we're using as a coach. Arrived at the ecohouse yesterday, it's just about finished. Brand new so it's very clean. Bangkok was interesting, took our first ride on a tuk-tuk which was thankfully short. Will update soon, hopefully with photos at some point.

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2 Days Until Take Off

Will we be ready in time?

semi-overcast 17 °C

So, two days til we fly, one day left at work and one night out on the town. Rucksack is packed with a lot of help from Matt, contact list is finally sorted and so we're pretty much set to go. Just need to cram in a couple of hours tidying my room to prevent any interference from parents in my absence!

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